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Stewart Copeland’s Police Diaries (Classic Edition)

Stewart Copeland’s Police Diaries (Classic Edition)


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Stewart Copeland

The truest account of The Police’s beginning and early days.

Original diary pages, hand-made poster designs, callow observations and other scribblings of 26-year-old progger-turned-punk Stewart Copeland tell the story of the ‘starving years’ of the band who became one of the world’s biggest acts.

In addition this 304 page hardback book, printed in full colour, is Illustrated throughout with classic and hitherto unseen vintage photos from Stewart’s deepest vaults.

As the man says: ‘It’s a big, noisy book about one heckuva ride.’

Press reviews

Stewart Copeland’s Police Diaries is a rollicking, joyous ride that should not be missed

Daryl Easlea, Prog

This treasure trove of a hardback (is) an engrossing time capsule.

Michael Heatley, Record Collector


296 pages
Trim page size (H × W)
275 mm × 215 mm

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