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Overexposed + Underdeveloped (Classic Edition)

Overexposed + Underdeveloped (Classic Edition)

Devin Townsend

The successor and companion to Devin’s autobiography Only Half There, overexposed + underdeveloped showcases a collection of personal and professional photographs which trace his journey from childhood in Canada through to international infamy in 2024. Extended captions written by Devin recall memories and stories about people, places, haircuts, and strange happenings from way back when and not so long ago. 

As well as baby Devin snaps, there are a host of professionally taken photographs of Devin’s time with Steve Vai and other bands. There are also pics of his brief stint as a model, performance shots, unprofessionally taken snaps of life on the road, behind the scenes and in the studio with, among others, Strapping Young Lad, Jason Newsted, the DTProject, and various puppets.

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224 pages
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